Sunday, November 15, 2009


Some good old fashioned linkblogging on a Sunday afternoon...

First, I wanted to point out the newest addition to my sidebar, the excellent comics blog Hooded Utilitarian. I hadn't paid much attention to these guys until it was announced that The Comics Journal would be incorporating them into their upcoming relaunch of the magazine's increased online presence. The HU blog features a group of talented writers discussing a variety of comics related topics (Wonder Woman, reviews of Yaoi manga, and a great roundtable on race in comics have been recently featured), and if it is any indication of the quality and type of approach the Journal intends to bring to it's revamped website, I'm very optimistic about that endeavor.

Elsewhere in the comics blogosphere, I greatly enjoyed this post by Jeet Heer at the Comics Comics blog, featuring Dave Sim dissing Jack Kirby's work in a '70s fanzine. I'm really interested in Kirby's work from this period, as well as fandom's reaction to same at that time, so this post really hit a sweet spot for me.

Not comics, but this essay by Tom LeClair at the Barnes & Noble review examining the nominees for this year's National Book Award was a great read. I particularly liked that LeClair focused his essay on the books' style, rather than on their substance.

Finally, been confused about which version of the new Star Trek movie to buy when it's released on November 17th? No? Well, I have, and it's my blog so I'm linking to this helpful IGN page which breaks down the differences between all of the DVD and Blue-Ray versions.


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