Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Roger Ebert's Journal

Occasionally, I'd like to draw special attention to one of the websites featured in the Other Voices, Other Rooms column on this blog. Film critic Roger Ebert's official website is my primary source for online film criticism, and has many exceptional features, in addition to regularly posted reviews of newly released films, that are well worth your time. Of particular note is Roger Ebert's Journal, a blog hosted by the Chicago Sun-Times and linked to Ebert's homepage. This blog regularly features some of the finest writing to appear anywhere online, on a variety of subjects. Ebert writes about movies here, but he writes about a lot of other things as well. He writes about politics, Darwin's Theory of Evolution, Cooking, the ways in which his recent surgeries have affected his life, and whatever else happens to be on his mind. His travel writing in particular is exceptional. His posts here are always interesting, and often moving and inspiring. I highly recommend regular visits.


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