Saturday, February 26, 2011

Links! Long Time, No Blog...

Sorry about the lack of posts around here lately.  I had been doing pretty good for a while, though, don't you think?  You may have noticed that I changed the background of the blog from black to white, which I think makes it easier to read.  Also, I spent some time updating the links in the column to the right.  Click around, won't you?

* Hilobrow is doing a series of posts called Kirb Your Enthusiasm, wherein various folks discuss a single panel from a Jack Kirby comic.  Especially noteworthy is an entry by the great Gary Panter!

* Wow, The Comics Journal's R.C. Harvey really didn't like that new Chip Kidd Shazam book.

* Here's a really entertaining interview with Lynda Barry, conducted by Nicole Rudick, which I think is either trimmed or excerpted from a longer piece.  Lynda Barry is always worth paying attention to, of course.

* I'm looking forward to The Comics Journal's return to print in its new format.  Here are some details on that release.

* Finally, feast your eyes on this nifty John Byrne cover gallery.  I like that some of the recent Star Trek work is included. (via Tom Spurgeon)


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