Friday, July 9, 2010

Your Quote of the Day

"I try to find a balance between sophistication and fun, in type, palettes, layout, and materials. Sophistication and fun are opposites in many people’s minds. But I like to respectfully present comics as art, while always keeping in mind that they are – or should be – F-U-N. God save us from dry, academic, pretentious, or even bleak approaches to writing about – and designing books about – comics. Fuck that shit!"

- Craig Yoe, from this imprint interview.

In truth, I greatly enjoy and value many of the "academic, pretentious" books Yoe is probably thinking of, but as I tried to make clear earlier, I really enjoy Yoe's approach, as well, and it was great to get this "statement of purpose" from him in an entertaining interview.


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