Friday, December 24, 2010

Links! Happy Holidays!

No joke, one of my absolute favorite holiday traditions is Tom Spurgeon's annual holiday interview series.  The belle of the ball so far is the lengthy chat with Matt Seneca, a cartoonist and blogger who was barely on my radar before but who I will definitely be keeping a close eye on now.  Anyway, read all the interviews posted so far and check back every day for more, Spurgeon does a really good job with these. (That link is to the Seneca interview because I couldn't figure out how to link to the series, but, again, they're all worth reading).

Jeet Heer debuts a new column at Comics Comics spotlighting books that may not have received the attention they deserved upon initial publication.  This seems like a potentially excellent and NECESSARY column, as there is just a glut of quality material out there and things can easily get lost in the shuffle.  Join me in the comments section of that post to suggest your own overlooked gems.

Merry Christmas!


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