Sunday, March 27, 2011


As I suspected, most people seem to have enjoyed C2E2 a lot more than I did, which is great.  I stand by my opinion that the programming schedule could be much more diverse than it was this year, although the con clearly does not HAVE to do this to have a successful show.  Mostly I'm just glad that the Midwest has become a major part of the convention circuit again, and look forward to hopefully having a better time at the show next year.  Onwards...

* Here's a typically sunny C2E2 report, this one focusing on children's comics at the show.

* Sean Collins interviews Yuichi Yokoyama for Robot 6, and previews his great looking new book.  Really looking forward to that one.

* Todd McFarlane interviews Stan Lee, on the occasion of the 200th issue of Spawn.  I wish McFarlane had let Lee talk more, but whatever.  And hey, 200 issues of Spawn.  That's pretty impressive, and also makes me feel old.

* OMG Benjamin Mara draws Savage Dragon!  You know, I get the feeling a lot of the writers and artists I admire are Savage Dragon fans, but I rarely see any of them really talk about the series at length.  C'mon, fellow fin-addicts, let's get to it!

* Yes, I'm linking to Roger Ebert's blog again.  Here he is talking about one of my favorite new hobbies, streaming movies.


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